Maison & Objet Paris, Inspirations from Hall 5

Hello there! I’m finally back from my trip to Paris, what a week! For its 20th anniversary Maison & Objet Paris is offering until Tuesday 27th January an amazing inspiring trade show. It’s been a real pleasure to be there! So this is in short my best of from the Hall 5: designs, materials and colors for the upcoming spring summer…

Will you notice any common point?




Well, I’m seeing BLUE, what about you? This is certainly the strongest color this season, blue is everywhere. I loved the denim effects and blue shades present at Brucs, Pomax and Henry Dean. I also loved the embroidered cushions by FS Home Collections, the pure lines at House Doctor and Hübsch…

Mixing metal elements and glass, and textile printsWOW. I can’t wait for the new season!

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Outfit/ Oversized Camel Coat & Blue Shades

Comfy with sneakers and a great coat, is there a better way to start the year? I used to wear camel color with warm tones likes vibrant oranges and reds- even with bright yellows- and with black, of course. Until I tried it with blue shades. Less radical than paired with black, I like it a lot with navy and baby blue.

This is my beloved alpaca coat from Paula Immich Berlin that I bought 4 years ago -and it doesn’t get old! Amazing material and oversized shape, really. And it fits to many things, chic or sporty. So this is the way I prefer it, with timeless pieces and a great mini bag -by Rebecca Minkoff, my very first one!






Rebecca Minkoff mini bag, on SALE!
Paula Immich alpaca coat/ New Balance sneakers/

Mango Suit pants/COS Sweater (next DIY*)/ DIY Fur Beanie, see here

Jewels, Vintage & Oma

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At my Home: Reuse a broken Chair

Welcome at my new apartment! Decorating is definitely one of my favorite occupations also nearby my job -I’m already decorating at Monadico Concept Store every week and this, since almost a year already… Time flies when you’re having fun, it’s a fact! So I had a list of ideas for decorating and upcycling things at my own home place and I’m just finished with arranging the reading corner. It’s a kind of boudoir near of my dressing, composed of a small vintage glass table and a velvet chair.

Or should I say, a ‘half’ velvet chair? Yep, the leg was broken. And I had some books to place somewhere…

Bookshelf_Chair__HomeD_01 Bag, The Kooples FW13


So this is how I solved the problem with this element! The chair is also coming from the Concept Store but the leg get lost on its way from Parma. Let me tell you, it’s really comfortable. Of course you should avoid to move the chair before and while sitting but for me it’s perfect.


Then I realized that some architectural shoes would be better in the home decor. I used a golden spray to create the metallic effect, they’re quite amazing.

Zign_DIY_Shoes_HomeDecor05DIY Platform shoes by Zign -see here

Never without my magazines! This is just a small part of the collection.


On the glass tables: a golden skull candle, ‘Ambre’ ambiance fragrance by Coté Bastide, placed on a very old annabelle magazine -from 1942! The illustrations are wonderful.


Most of the elements are coming from the flea market and different stores in Zurich, but I keep thinking that the best part of home decoration is unexpected. Don’t hesitate to move things from their origin, and try, try, try again!
I hope you liked it, take care!

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Heimstone Pyjama

First of all, let me wish you ‘officially’ all the best for 2015! This is the very first post of the year, and after some days rest in France and here in Zurich it’s time to go back to work -but slowly please!

Yesterday’s working place has been Milch Bar am Bellevue; I like this cosy and intimate atmosphere, actually pretty great for new ideas. I was wearing my favorite pyjama piece by Heimstone for Monoprix, found it in Paris in November, with metallic jeans and boots…



Pyjama by Heimstone > Here a nice alternative: Satin Pyjama via Zalando. The jacket would be perfect with jeans!

Metallic jeans by H&M (very old, but still great) > find a similar one on sale at JBrand

Zara boots FW13 > find a similar here also on sale by Alexander Wang

And well, I also love my new hand embroidered jewels by Macon & Lesquoy -it would be the perfect occasion to say ‘cheers’ but unfortunately, the moment is not well choosen because of what happened yesterday in Paris. ‘We’re Charlie': say yes to freedom, to love, to respect. This is our ’11th September’, we now need time for fresh, positive ideas…


‘Bijoux brodés’ (brooches) by Macon & Lesquoy via Vestibule Seefeld in Zurich.

Michael Kors bag, this is a classic! I also like this one, a bit more chic: the Susannah bag


So see you there soon, as I said recently on Facebook we’re working on a huge blog relift. I hope it will be live next week, take care of you until there! xx


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DIY: Party Intimates

I love it, when DIY goes to intimate apparel: It’s like a new playground where possibilities are quite endless. For party time or simply to warm up long January days -let it shine! This is my proposal with viscose fabric and its big polka dots, but you could realize it with whatever you want: lace, sequined polyester… From now your intimates have to be washed by hand, that’s the price of this very special item!

auf annabelle Fashion Daily weiterlesen



What you need:

– a bra
– ribbon rest
– thread and needle, scissors

Step 1. Cut 1 band of approximately 6 to 8 cm wide and all fabric long. Turn the fabric upside down and fold the 2 ends into the middle. Hand sew carefully these 2 parts together with the fabric on the back. Make some pleats and finish the work.


Step 2. Then apply the fabric right in the middle of the bra and fix with small stitches. This part will be recovered with the satin ribbon at the end.


Step 3. Fix the ‘bow’ ends on the right and on the left with small stitches. Finally tie the ribbon around the middle part and fix the knot, also with small stitches.


We’re done! It’s been the very last DIY item of the year, I hope you liked it : ) See you in 2015, there will be loads of new things to come here…

Wish you all the best for the new year!

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Wish-Wish: Winter Sale

Hi there, I hope you’ve had a good rest this week! I’m still at home in France, enjoying family and friends… and, well… french food. I’m now sitting comfortably in the sofa (definitely have to go for some run tomorrow morning!!) and just checked online some items that are already on sale! If we have to wait for sales until January in France, in Switzerland and Germany the shopping season has started…

There’s no reason to wait, make a wish* This is my selection of winter sales among Berenik, Stella Jean, Kenzo and a few more…



1. Dumond boots
2. Berenik jacket
3. Stella Jean shirt
4. Shourouk earrings
5. Tara Jarmon turtleneck pullover

6. American Vintage pullover

7. Tara Jarmon shorts

8. Kenzo leather bag
9. New Balance sneakers

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