Black, White & Sparkles

Especially for evenings. As a fall winter 2014-15 collection preview, I was wearing those amazing sparkling flats by Pink Inside that I matched with a long jersey dress -actually from a beach resort co’- and a classic off white jacket. Remember the clutch? I already showed it several times like here, it’s still my favorite.


When I saw the shoes in Pink Inside’s showroom I immediately knew there were for me. It was exactly what I was looking for: A pair of comfortable shoes with a neutral brown color and a light sparkling effect. Perfect! Stay tuned to see the whole collection for next season, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.



LongDress_Flats_04 ph/ Stefania Bacskay

Pink Inside, Modell ‘Vicky’ Fall Winter 2014-15. Soon available in the Pink Inside’s online shop
Jersey long dress, Theory
Jacket, Mango
DIY embellished clutch, see the tutorial here. Bracelet, vintage. Rings, private.

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Beauty Essentials in der Badi

Not that I spent so much time in der Badi until now, but it remains to be an important matter. What are those essential products to spend a great, relaxing time there?

There’s not supposed to be a key answer. Besides the relevant sun cream & glasses, I think however that a full make-up is NOT necessary. Why trying to look like in the ordinary life when you have sun and water around you, the best thing ever?

So here are my personal products: one ‘Hamam-Tuch’ (which turns to be a classic in Zurich), the sun-powder by Bobbi Brown and an exotic perfume for after Badi. That’s all. Oh, and a great reading.


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DIY for Home/ Lace Paper Tablecloth

Paper is another one fascinating material for DIY, and more generally to decorate for home. As a child I used to create paper beads, but well -it didn’t look that much glamourous! Some time ago I bought lace paper sets in different sizes and forms, actually to improve gift packagings (see there). Everything paper needs for a great result is a light material handling, air space and a bit patience.

I created meanwhile a window display for Monadico in Seefeld, and developed this idea as a ‘boheme lace paper tablecloth’ for our customers and followers. See the whole article on annabelle blog! Enjoy your weekend, xx


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Design from Brazil/ Paula Raia

When football awakes fashion awareness… I noticed that we’re regularly used to hear about Fashion Weeks in Paris, Milano or NY -but what about Sao Paulo? Is there nothing fascinating out of there? The recently achieved World Cup in Brazil provided me some curiosity to get know some of these brazilian designers as well their upcoming collections.

Paula Raia is a kind of unexpected revelation. Her work is very far away from the torid, multicolored and noisy fashion design from Brazil I had in mind. The next Spring Summer collection is an ode to handcraft, culture and art. I really enjoyed it, and here are my favorites.


View the full Paula Raia’s Spring Summer 2015 collection here on Now Fashion.

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