DIY/ Stylish Advent Calender

Since I’m living in Switzerland I’ve completely rediscovered the advent ‘custom’ and have to say, I like it a lot! So I had real fun doing this -actually a ‘leaving present’ for my sweet housemate, you’ll learn next why!.

It’s partially made of recycled materials. The basis has been the clothes hanger, also the reason why I call it ‘stylish advent calendar’ -but it’s not all, I think the color and material harmony are playing a huge role.

Create a stylish advent calendar

You’ll find on annabelle Fashion Daily two other DIY advent calendar ideas that I find really cool as well, but let’s start with this easy tutorial.

Around the natural tones I also mixed pastel colors and light metallic effects; As the days and weeks progress, you’ll only have to move the small gifts from the right to the left, bringing the clothes hanger to a constant balance.

You need:

-One clothes hanger,
-1 regular and 1 craft scissors,
-jute & polyester band (5 meters of each)
-adhesive tape, glue stick, one black permanent pen,
-paper rests (gift & kraft paper, magazine cuts and mini table clothes)
-leather accessories and ribbon cuts, feathers, whatever you want!



Step 1. Gift wrapping: Feel free to mix the colors and the materials for a fascinating stylish calendar. After having wrapped all of the 24 gifts and defined the chronological order of them, number each one consecutively with the permanent pen.


Step 2. Stick the packages on the jute and polyester bands, and alternate the frequency, the high and the numbers. On each band you’ll hang 2 gifts, so start with gift number 1 & 5 the end, then with 2 & 6, 3 & 9…


Step 3. Roll the jute band around the clothes hanger like on the picture and hang the second one up.


Step 4. It goes on with jute then with polyester, once using shiny paper, once kraft paper. In the meantime you can also accessorize your gifts with leather accessories and ribbon cuts.


Mix and match, here is what you should get:


Step 5. Add finally some feathers at the very top, like here:


And we’re done! Might your advent calendar be not well balanced, think about it: Unbalanced is kind of poetic. Ready for december!

I wish you loads of pleasure with it, and think about different and various ways to offer something. Might be a glass wine in a new place, or an invite to cinema… Possibilities are endless!

Take care, and see you on Thursday for a huge announcement!


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DIY/ Beanie with Removable Pom Pom

Hi there! I hope you’ve had a great weekend, are you ready for the week? I have lots of new, great things to come- but let’s talk first about beanies. It was cold enough this weekend to wear it… So here it is.

Not that easy to find the right style, the right color and detail. I’ve always been wearing similar beanies, most of the time cable knit motive. Time to change, but if possible with a long lasting story. This year I was thinking about a true winter model -with fur pom pom on the top- that I could update with different colors or materials, like wool pom poms.

How it works best?


Take a simple beanie: I chose a camel color that match great with different tones. This one is from Zara current collection.


Then find a fur pom pom in a similar color and stitch a press stud button on it and on the beanie’s top. Well, it’s not only esthetic but also functional since you can’t wash fur items.


I like the idea of removable items using press studs! Don’t hesitate to use them for all different kind of details on your garments: a bow on a shirt’s collar, stones studs ornament detail on a tee…

Perfect for this time of the year as the festive season -Christmas & New Year’s Eve- is approaching…

nb. It seems that the coat I wear on the first pic will be soon turn into a ‘2 coats in 1′ project. More about it later!

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Jacquard Blanket Scarf & Leather Pouch

As it’s becoming quite cold outside, I’ve been having the need of wearing some comfy and loose-fitting items. I like it, when I’m getting outside with the feeling of a wrapped blanket on my shoulders. Never tried this on? Well, you should.
So the first is inevitably a ‘blanket’ scarf from Zara with jacquard geometric print and fall colors. This just fits to everything and almost all colors: I tried it on with light blue, denim, grey and all shades of beige and white. Purple. And of course, black and brown.


The scarf is totally me. I remember what Jean-Charles de Castelbajac told us Saturday night -his collection is a selfie of him- well, for me it feels like quite the same. I couldn’t not buy this scarf. And for the moment, I love to pair it with this DIY leather pouch (remember this post).


About the boots: I’ve been wearing my Acne boots for years, I still like them. But I was looking for flat boots, something uncomplicated. These are actually perfect for this season. The weather and the outfit don’t matter anymore, I find it looks great with a small dress and with jeans.


Zara scarf/ DIY leather pouch, from a boho bag/ Pier One boots via Zalando.

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Fashion Days Zürich 2014: Report

This year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Days Zurich took place from Wednesday 12th until Saturday 15th November; It was the opportunity to see some international brands like Max Mara but also the work of swiss designers, as well as the ‘annabelle Awards‘. For the 11th consecutive time a fashion student get a traineeship by one famous designer, this year’s with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac who deserved the price. Congrats to the winner Elisa Kaufmann! I loved the strong shapes and colors of her collection.

The proof of this relevant price, annabelle Awards, could be summarized for me in 6 letters: BIGGEL. Stefanie Biggel won this price in 2009 and is definitely my favorite swiss designer. She now lives in London, but I had the chance to meet her last summer in Zürich for a private sale, where I grab some SB garments. Will show you it later; For now, I summed up my favorite shows and impressions of #mbfdz. I’m really grateful for the good times here!

ss_2015_mercedes_benz_Fashion_Days_Zurich_Biggel 1. Spring Summer 2015 Stefanie Biggel via Dark openwork transparencies and jelly materials. The ‘Death by Watermelon’ collection is a balanced mix of sportive and elegant silhouettes.

Mercedes_Benz_Fashion_Days_Zurich_2014_lug_von_siga_board_VirginiePeny2. Spring Summer 2015 Bibhu mohapatra & Lug von Siga – sketches by me. What I liked here: the plissés, the bright colors and the metallic effects.

ss_2015_mercedes-benz-fashion-days-zurich_javier-reyes3. Spring Summer 2015 Javier Reyes via The mexican inspired collection is an ode to traditional materials. I loved the dresses!

Mercedes_Benz_Fashion_Days_Zurich_2014_maxmara_board_VirginiePeny4. Max Mara, sketches by me. The master of coats, love for ever.

ss_2015_mercedes-benz-fashion-days-zurich_max-mara Max Mara via

Mercedes_Benz_Fashion_Days_Zurich_2014_lalaberlin_board_VirginiePeny5. Spring Summer 2015 lala Berlin – sketches by me. At the first sight I didn’t really enjoy it -the magic came after, when I saw the details.

ss_2015_mercedes-benz-fashion-days-zurich_lala-berlin_LBD_white Spring Summer 2015 lala Berlin & LBD white via The modern bridal collection by LBD white is a must-see!

Find all pictures of the shows, right before (backstage) and after here on

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Reload it: Louis Féraud Vintage Jacket, Sleeveless

Almost ‘new’ in my closet: this vintage Louis Féraud jacket, already seen here in 2011!- now in a sleeveless version. As I found it on a flea market in Austria, I immediately liked the bright royal blue color and the cut -even if the size was actually much too big for me. Well, I don’t mind: Now I have huge, fancy golden buttons that would be perfect for a home decor (see at the end of the post) and a great jacket that fits me. I simply readjusted the shoulders size and replaced the genuine button on the front.

How to mix royal blue? For winter I prefer the blue shading off with hints of black.


Sleeveless jackets are for me the best way to warm up your style, even in winter season. You can layer it with other pieces like cardigans or coats, it creates an interesting outfit with great lines.

Oh, and it seems that I didn’t told you about those ‘culotte shorts’. I like to say it’s a hybrid piece: not skirt, nor shorts… Anyways it’s been a great bargain, I get it by Sandro at the very last days of sales -70% off. Nobody seemed to be fascinated with it, I did. Read here in german language on annabelle FD some tips from me about fall winter closet organization.




DIY Louis Féraud vintage jacket, Sandro FW13 culotte shorts, Michael Kors bag, Silvano Sassetti boots.
Leather brown cuff, Maison Boinet.

LFeraud_Sleeveless_Reload_05 Franchement, vous ne leur trouvez pas un petit air de Versace?..

Zurich Fashion Days finally start today, I’ll be attending my favorite brands -and will tell you more about it next time. See you!

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F-ABRIC, the Material That Works

It’s not a minor topic anymore: The world’s resources are not endless, and in 2014 it should be more than time to think about the notion of sustainability, to concretely act for it. Save and stop to waste water, energy, gas and food should be part of our daily lives. I’m feeling pretty much concern with it, even if it sounds disturbing and frightening. It’s a fact: We can’t continue to live like we do.

So I’ve been really happy to take part to Freitag’s press presentation about F-ABRIC. You know Freitag, the recycled bags made from trucks tarps. They’ve been working on a sustain development over the past 5 years, and the result is really impressive. ‘F-ABRIC’ is the name of this new clothing line, 100% compostable.



Well, F-ABRIC has been a long way. The Freitag brothers were actually looking for a 100% natural, biodegradable material for their employees -but could never find it. Just because this material didn’t even exist. That’s why they developed a new fabric, traveling over Europe to find out the yarns and the process that could make it happen. And finally, it happens.


It is not about fashion, it’s about basics that are robust but comfortable to wear for years that won’t let any impact on the nature. For my part I found the line beautiful. The material is truly esthetic, I’ve been surprised with the resulting textures and colors.
There are only few products, from the pants to the tee-shirt -and yes, a new bag since it’s the key element of Freitag’s brand! I like the shape, it’s on trend -but will be timeless for sure.

F-ABRIC_Freitag_Press_04 Photo credit: @Freitag

Not to mention that it’s all in the details. You can engrave your own metal buttons with your name letters and unscrew them -after the garment’s lifetime, you’ll only keep the buttons.


How much waste are we creating with our stuffs? The thing is, there are just too much stuffs on the market, generally speaking. Everywhere, at every price. I wish the world could stop buying s***. For this, one should stop creating it…
‘Buy less, choose well -and DIY’- it’s been my motto since the beginning, and I believe in it more than ever.

F-ABRIC_Freitag_Press_last Photo credit: @Freitag

Thanks to the team for this great evening and for the show, it’s been a huge pleasure. You’ll find all the details about F-ABRIC on Freitag’s website!

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