Eco Chic Greetings Card: Magic!

This beautiful card has been made by a friend of mine, Patricia. It’s not exactly a greeting card but an invitation reminder -as the content is free, I love the way she designed the card’s itself and the display. The front page is an eye catcher, full of fine stars and a bigger one in the middle…

Once you open it, a mysterious door is waiting for you.


For me it’s a perfect greeting card, the content is amazing and the display is ingenious! All illustrations are handmade, this is why it makes this card kind of magic.


How it starts? Literally with a white sheet and a black pen: she first draw the illustrations inspired from the chalet style, then copied it on ticker paper sheet and did the card display.

What you also can do with empty wrapping paper rolls and lace rests, see it on my new Pinterest board and follow me there for loads of inspiring things.


I hope you liked as much as I do, have a nice Sunday! xx

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DIY Christmas Tree and Poladarium 2015

These two items have made my day! May I introduce you the paper christmas tree and Poladarium 2015…  My new working place looks great and comfortable, I’m so pleased to have get finished right before some days rest.

The ‘Poladarium’ calendar has been on my radar for some weeks, first seen on Mooris and also in several shops, it’s the perfect desk tool. There’s for each day one beautiful polapic and inspiring content -I can’t wait to use it for next year…


The deal: Don’t look at each picture in advance… It’s full of surprises. And hang up at the end of the year the polapics whose dates have been the most significant for you! It will look amazing, for sure!



Poladarium 2015 is available at and at


About the tree: Guess what? It used to be a magazine. Each sheet has been fold, and after some 45 minutes it looks very functional too. You can also slide some notes and to-do lists. Ideal for the working space!


Get your Xmas deco ready, here you go:


Wish you a very good day, take car xx

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Ethno Shades at Savannah Chic

If you live in Switzerland, you might have heard about the ‘Fashion Hotel‘ event, hosted in 25hours Hotel in October where each room was occupied by a fashion label. It’s been a very interesting time -and it’s also where another precious meet happened!

The label ‘Savannah Chic’ creates Afro-inspired jewelry since 2008 whose production is based on the principles of fair trade. The jewelry line is coming in gold and features a mix of materials inclusive fabrics, with modern design. I find that the collection is easy to wear in the daily life, it might be elegant or just casual. Well, that’s how Savannah’s spirit and values really appealed to me. Here are some styles of the current collection, shoot this week in Bern with a friend of mine.


SavannahChic_jewelry_02 ‘Small Victory’ necklace

SavannahChic_jewelry_03 Diverse bangles, find more here


SavannahChic_jewelry_05 ph/ David Zehnder

I hope you guys found here some gift ideas… You’ll find much more products on her website, and if you’re in Zurich this week from Monday 15th until Sunday 21th, come by GLOBUS Bahnhofstrasse to discover more about it, or visit the online-shop at ‘Savannah Chic’. Happy weekend everyone!*

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Eco Chic Packagings for Gifts, Part 1

Countdown is on, if you guys already find your gifts you might now wonder what kind of paper and ribbon you should use… For my part, I stopped with this. Do you already noticed that all the fancy, colorful stuffs are not only expensive but also, most of the time, don’t show good taste?

With this in mind, it’s hard not to think about all the paper wastes that are going to be lost after Christmas. And you know what? Eco packagings are easy to find, and they can be CHIC as well. This is the first part of this topic, I styled for you some in black color. Here is what you can do with a glass jar, with crumpled up piece of paper and a black old tight!





Recycling_Giftpackaging_05 Simply slide the gift in the middle of the tight’s length and make a bow!

What I actually get some times ago in this chic paper box? Let’s see it on Sunday!*

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Recycling: Kids’ Mittens from a Pullover

Last week I experienced something new after having reorganized my closet. December is not only the perfect time to clean up and to give but also to distance yourself from (old) things you loved, so what about combining these 3 things together? That’s what I did with this new recycling post: this winter you’ll find here more about the topic ‘Pullover recycling’ but for today, I propose you this DIY, ‘Kids’ Mittens from a Pullover’!

These are made from an old pullover, and I think it’s a really cute gift for a young mum! I love it even more because it’s neither blue nor pink, it’s striped with GREY & BLACK, and it has RED -stylish, right?


> auf annabelle Fashion Daily weiterlesen…

Read more…

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Christmas with Family & Lillydale

This is a very special post today -as Christmas is coming, it’s also ‘Giveaway time‘! I’m very grateful to be part of this ‘Let’s celebrate’ action with Zalando. You’ll find at the end of the post how to win a 100.- voucher on the online shop!

At this time of the year I always loved fairy tales, and the location of ‘Lillydale’ embodies a kind of dreamy spirit. So this is exactly how I would spend Christmas time: with family in a cosy, dreamy atmosphere peppered of powder tones and shinning details. Lost in the nature, with significant presents…



I like the scandinavian brand ‘Samsoe & Samsoe’ for their warmy collections, particularly these two items: Samsoe & Samsoe Blue Knit and Rose Poudre Shirt



The kind of bag I would offer my little sister, Rebecca Minkoff Mini Bag


Add some magic: Why not using glass decoration elements as packaging for your presents?

Zalando_Xmas14_06 TomShot Golden Bracelet

The watch features the modern but timeless 90’s style: For him, at every age… Nixon Re-Run Digital Watch



Your girlfriend would love this silk top: In white, natural or dark color, with lace. DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Top


For mum: Bordeaux leather pumps, with fine metallic details: Zign Bordeaux Pumps



Or maybe these Konplott African Earrings? They look stunning in these orange and blue shades.


I hope you enjoyed the post and this selection. Thank you so much to everyone who follow me for years as well as more recently!

‘Lasst Uns Feiern!': This week there’s a 100 CHF Zalando voucher to win! You can answer this question, let me a comment on this post (scroll down!)

‘What about you, what would you like to wear for Christmas, or what kind of present are you looking for?’


You’ll find on Sunday 14th december the next ‘Let’s celebrate’ blog post by the lovely Joy at Fashiongamble -and maybe grad another chance to win a Zalando voucher.

I wish you a great Sunday, take care xx

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