Barcelona, Fall 2014

As I said in the previous post, Barcelona gave me some kind of new energy and inspiration; really loved our time over there! I didn’t pack lot of things, most of all shorts and dresses since it’s been too hot to wear jeans during the day.

Here are some pictures of the last week, among them my favorite city impressions and new items that I wore there. You’ll find next a list of my favorite addresses under the page ‘Links & addresses’ on the right side…


The city is really impressive, there’s so much to see. You definitely need more than 5 days to visit most of the sight seeings. I like this view, it gives another perspective of Barcelona.


I won’t post ‘one-outfit-a-day’ of what I wore over there, you should know that it’s not my thing! But here’s one: This uncomplicated dress by IRO Jeans. Its straight shape makes it really easy to accessorize -with a belt, a scarf or a simple long necklace- but well at this moment I enjoyed it nude, just like this. It’s the current Fall-Winter collection and I can’t wait wearing it with tights, boots and a cardigan!


One of this season’s color. Like almost every year. It’s not a trend, it belongs to Fall. With ‘L’Exception’ Chanel found out the right tone and the right effect.


I could spend hours to observe details on buildings. This was one of the views from our flat.


Those high sandals that I only wore once this summer- and that were this time worth to take with. The french label San Marina did this year a stunning collection with couture designers, the cut out work is just my style. Perfect on the evening -when it’s colder!- with jeans and a light white shirt. This is the kind of stuffs that, for me, shouldn’t be worn with dresses or skirts. Not chic at all, just crude.


We also found great sunglasses, see mine here on Instagram. Actually ideal to watch the city from a new viewpoint, don’t you think?


At the end the trip is getting higher and higher in Gaudi’s Park. More nature should be!


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Geometric Inspiration

So, after some days rest in the beautiful sunny city of Barcelona, I’m back! -and now more than ever realizing that winter is here. During this trip I’ve been impressed by Gaudi’s work, particularly La Sagrada Familia -even if Barcelona is much more than just Gaudi & Picasso. Galleries and street art are also worth seen!
But back to work: For annabelle I summarized this time some ideas for unique winter coats, you’ll find them all by following this link.

My current favorite? This jacket by Gareth Pugh found on Pinterest, with its simplest form and its geometrical cuts. Definitely showing you next how it works! On the right: Yes, it’s an old DIY project from me. See below!


Left: via The Big Ears/ Right: DIY ‘Art Deco’ patchwork, see this post

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New In: The Satin Turban

Best things in life are actually never planned, don’t you find? This is what I thought about those three items. I bought this amazing black turban at the flea market, I’ve been searching that kind of stuffs for a while – and of course I couldn’t find it. It seems to be a bit old, the women told me that it was handmade by a swiss designer (the tab was still hanging on it, the material looks like brand new!).


So this winter for dark days I won’t only wear knitted beanies but this satin turban as well. I’m feeling quite out of the daily life wearing this, providing a kind of exotic style. The beetle earrings are also coming from the flea market (summer 2013) and I love them as much I’d never have expected finding them…

And the bracelet is 15 years old, I was convinced that I’d have lost it. My surname is engraved on it, it’s really an emotional piece for me. 90’s forever!


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Season Recycling: Flowered Summer Dress

Did you already think about the rate of your return on investment regarding summer stuffs? Well, it’s not too late! A short inquiry in your closet might be worth… How many times did you actually wear this dress/ this skirt/ this top you purchased at the beginning of summer?

I get this Maje dress from a second-hand shop in July, and guess what -I wore it twice. Actually 1.5, it was reaaally too hot over there. Thanks Ibiza.


As I’d enjoy to wear the dress now (the pattern could look like ‘autumn flowers’, don’t you find?) I experienced it in two ways: 1 x light & 1 x dark color. The one works with a simple cardigan, the other with a pullover layering and a trench coat.

Make sure that the dress fabric is not too light, or too playful in the summer spirit since that will never work for fall! Actually, knit + tights + boots is all you need!


Dress by Maje.
Left: Cardigan, Avelon. Bag & boots, Zara. Scarf, H&M. Necklace by Bala Boosté.
Right: Burberry coat. Pullover, Zara. Vintage python bag by Mùtton. Boots Silvano Sassetti.

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DIY/ Silver Necklace

Good morning everyone! I hope you enjoyed the nice weather this weekend, that’s obviously what I did too- so today I’d like to share with you the last DIY project for annabelle Blog.

As I noticed last time, grey is everywhere this season. It’s really fascinating since the matching possibilities are never ending. I was missing it so far in jewelry, that’s indeed what I thought when I found in my ‘recycling box’ a glass necklace hanging on a fine leather lace. I like the mix of silver and bronze colors, but it could look more exquisite… Simply with different chains.


Auf annabelle Fashion Daily weiterlesen < Find the whole tutorial at annabelle’s blog. This unique piece is also available for purchase in the shop !

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Hairstyle: Long, but Short

Beside using this hair conditioner by Kiehl’s -that really provides an amazing texture, I can’t resist to the nonchalant hairstyles seen at Nina Ricci and Paul & Joe for the Fall-Winter season.

It looks like a short bob, but it’s actually a long hair under the turtle neck. Effortless, but elegant. Love this.


Kiehl’s Hair conditioner, Paraben and Silicone-Free
Hairstyles via Marie Claire France

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