DIY Ethno Inspo

This is a custom made top I realized about 5 years ago… And it looks as young as ever! I love ikaat prints like this one, but the tee-shirt was quite basic. Add long fringes and rivets on the shoulders, and here you go.


You will find my current favorite DIY ideas on annabelle blog! Have a great day ; )

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DIY/ Arty Tee-Shirt

This is surely one of my favorite trend this season: bold colors hints and patterns are invited for the closet ‘pArty’… Anyways I’m not feeling comfortable with the idea of wearing many colors at the same time in the daily life, I prefer it on one single piece.

So this is the idea of today’s DIY: Writing the word ‘ARTY’ with a mix and match of ribbons, beads, metal elements. If the process is really easy to DIY, the way you’ll design each letter is a bit complex as the result might look cheap. Not that kind of DIY that we’re looking for, right? It’s all in the details!

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What you need:

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DIY/ Back to the 90′s

Those white pants are quite old now, I was searching for a way to ‘pimp’ them only with a cool colorful detail. Done!

As usual this DIY project has been realized for annabelle Fashion Daily; you’ll find here the tutorial in german language.


Have a great day!

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DIY/ Turning a Top into a Jacket

Even if I’m eager to discover the new spring-summer collections, winter sales are for me a kind of playground. This is the way I grab new stuffs, now bargains for the next DIYs.

As I saw this checked item at Zara store, only in large sizes available, I thought that a jacket would be much more appropriate than a top since the material is quite thick.

How to turn a top into a jacket? This is today’s DIY project for annabelle blog.


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