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4. September 2011

Septembre, bonjour! Petit aperçu de mes envies du mois…


Couleurs d’automne: top violet, Ungaro vintage / Tissu jersey anthracite/ Boots Jonak, sur Sarenza

Tee-shirt DIY à franges de l’année dernière, coupé il y a peu.. -à voir bientôt!

Wanted! Une pochette argentée, ça vous dirait? 

J’adore ce trio de couleurs!

Let’s rock, les petites vestes noires…

A très vite, passez une bon dimanche!

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Comments on this post:

  1. so looking forward to next posts!

    by melmo, 4. September 2011
  2. Oh my.. those brown boots are a must.
    lee x

    by Lee Oliveira, 5. September 2011
  3. that fringe top is fantastic!

    by zarna, 6. September 2011
  4. just checked out your shirt from last year. amazing and perfect with tights!

    by Monique, 6. September 2011
  5. mm the boots. just lovely.
    great post girl!

    by ediot, 8. September 2011
  6. Oooh dying to see what you post about black jackets! Also, I want an envelope clutch so badlyyy. I’m looking forward to your DIY tutorial!

    by Sabrina, 8. September 2011