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23. May 2012

I was looking for a new way to hang some accessories on a unique display as i finally thought about Marguerite! renamed cow head and wall decorating in my living room. There were in the design shop several designs and colors available, i chose a mix of crochet, flowers and fine serigraphy prints.

This way i can easily find the accessories and jewels i aim to wear next days…


Vintage DIY chain broach, DIY h&m ring. Vintage antique green & silver bracelet and large golden woven bracelet.
Feather headband by Evita Peroni. DIY pearls & tulle necklace.
Galeries Lafayette scarf. Vintage suede belt.

Wall decor, MIHO unexpected Italy.

PS/ DIY Schmuck Rahmen zu verkaufen! Innsbruckerin bitte hier schauen! xoxo

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Comments on this post:

  1. elle est superbe cette Marguerite, et ces bijoux lui vont très bien!!!!!

    by monnet, 23. May 2012
  2. That’s really cute and a great way to make your accessories easily accessible ! :)



    by Theresa, 23. May 2012
  3. awww I like this, its quite cute! and I really like how its printed with what looks like knit!

    quirky and fun

    Rianna xx

    by Rianna, 23. May 2012
  4. Very cool post. You have some great tips and outfits and a lovely blog!

    xx Mandi

    by findmeamuse, 24. May 2012
  5. What an amazing piece. A really cool and original way to organize all of your accesories.


    by Melina, 24. May 2012
  6. So beautiful!

    by ANNAWII ♥, 24. May 2012
  7. how perfect is this, i love love love it! i have a fake one too, but it is handing way too high for my stash! have to check this out! perfect idea

  8. oh extremely original, I love it !

    by Amanda, 25. May 2012

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