Outfit/ DIY Clutch & Denim

17. April 2012

My new recycled-jersey-knitted-clutch is been finished, remember here! That was definitely a great concept to experience: it’s made of 5 tees and one shirt, one zip, a lining material and a soft plastic board to reinforce the clutch… About the knit: I think it’s  more interesting to create an irregular knit that brings a kind of ethno effect. I added a taffetas material on the border on the front to bring a touch of chic.

The clutch is really lazy, it can looks both quite chic or casual according to the main material you’re wearing with but you have to find a balance between casual and chic. For today’s outfit I associated a silk scarf to denim to add lightness…



DIY jersey knitted clutch,
Cheap Monday jeans,
Autre Ton cardigan,
Stefanel linen oversized top & tanktop,
Vintage silk scarf,
Firetrap boots,
Asos ring

Diverse bracelets, self-made & vintage.
Chanel nail polish, “Dragon”


You’ll see the knit overview here at Pinterest! xx

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Comments on this post:

  1. it looks stunning, love the texture, colors and the size! absolutely stunning and you are so right about it! you can wear it with almost everything

  2. The clutch is looking cute! Love the colours :)

    xo Joana


    by Joana Gomes, 17. April 2012
  3. Félicitations, cette pochette est vraiment canon !!!!!

    by Fashion, 17. April 2012
  4. Amazing cluth!! I’ve seen the pictures of the process on Pinterest and it looks awesome, I wish I could knit like you…


    by Sylvia, 17. April 2012
  5. Omg! That’s really lovely. I cant believe you knit that from t-shirts!

    by Sabrina, 18. April 2012
  6. That clutch is amazing, love it! xx http://www.thetrendspotter.net

    by Dasha Gold, 19. April 2012
  7. That’s so cool!

    by Yara Simón, 19. April 2012
  8. I absolutely love your DIY clutch – it’s amazing! I just found your blog and am definately going to keep coming back – you have such a great sense of style!


    by Jyoti, 20. April 2012
  9. @Jyoti: thank you so much, welcome back soon : )

    by virginie, 21. April 2012
  10. Your clutch is simply amazing! Well well done!

    by Tina, 23. April 2012

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