Home Decor of the week

That’s incredible that proximate relationship between fashion and home decor, it’s evolving with time and trends. I could speak hours long about it because there are a lot of new designers and ideas in that category -wish i could have a bit more time to experiment things at home, but i’m preparing a new home DIY that will be online soon i think.

So here are my favorite ideas and links of the week/

A peacock blue on the wall, matched with a soft cream color and animal prints,

Vintage sofa, flowers and pastel colors,

Both pics from Young House Love, the DIY reference for home decor addicted, i just love it!

A design recycling project from Diederik Schneemann with UniquEco, which aims to “salvage recycled flip-flops found washed up on Kenyan beaches” and transform the material in order to create home design objects:

More infos and pics on Dezeen Magazine

A bar on the beach, Athens/ don’t ask me the address!: lounge decor made from massive hood shelves, books and low profile elements,

Caviar.20 and its vintage home decor: that carpet could change itself the whole decor of a room,

I find it fascinating: a design chair and a House of Harlow ring have some common points…

I’m in love in that ring.

and the trimmings of these boots from Bally are largely inspired from that bike equipment. That inspires me as well.

Should i try something in that way?
Have a nice weekend,

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