Insects Stories

Insects have always fascinated me.

Beetles for their blue green color… Spiders for their long legs... I remind me that french schools were used to practice insects inclusions in order to create mother’s day presents like paperweights. Hmm. Why, why don’t we have tried anything else instead of those paperweights and made something useful like bangles?

Then I started to create little animals with pearls. At that time materials, techniques and taste was not the same as today.

Spider story/ Couture& DIY Virginie Peny
Sketches by me.
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Fall/Winter Jewels

New, new, new!

F/W Jewels Virginie Peny
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A Very Cheap Monday

Decoration. How to design a space for jewels if you don’t have much space and if you specially enjoyed- like me!- the wall made by Marie Laure on Le Monde est à

Cheap M
Baroque frame, Ikea.

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