New Season, finally!

Design by me

“Happy Spring” realized with crystal, ceramic and hood beads, metal elements & diverse cotton & satin bands.

Is there anything else to say? Not this time… Happy Spring everyone!

nb. Neue DIY Post hier auf annabelle Fashion Daily! Mehr bald dazu ; )

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Berlin FW, day 1 part 2

This week has been really beautiful, there were a lot of things and people to meet here in Berlin that i couldn’t show you more since thursday -i finally had more time today to prepare the coming posts. So this is further part of the fashion shows that i saw this week and as i told you last time, i thought i could realize some “creative sneek reports” to share another point of view, interpret the shows differently throughout materials & inspirations.

Today’s sneek reports: 1913 Berlin by Yujia zhai-Petrow, Rebekka Ruétz and Dimitri.


Picture on the left via keldeij, other sources unknown. Board edited by me.
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2012-06 Style Playlist

That was June 2012! A lot of DIY, new projects & exciting moments… Have a great sunday, xx

From the left to the right/

Outfit: pink & knitted clutch/ Summer DIY for Up Magazine/ Streetstyle mission for Zalando News & Style/
Shopping: copper & black leather pumps by Vigneron for Humanic/ Burberry inspiration box/ Outfit: yellow dress Bernadett Penkov for Zalando Collection/ Outfit/ The veiled cap & maxi pants/ Fashion Inspiration by Karin Illustrations via Pinterest

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Project/ Up Magazin

Up the paper magazin is the unique-independent-creative-magazine in Innsbruck that publishes high fashion & lifestyle products from  several stores of the area. It goes alive every 2 months, so the next magazine for April/ May is coming soon…

When i’ve been asked to realize one full page for Up Magazin i firstly couldn’t believe a word. “What?!” -i mean if it’s true that i LOVE magazines and that i write more than before on the blog i’ve never pretended to be a journalist. But this time it’s more about being creative: I’d have to choose a concept and set up my page as i would like to.

So i thought i could write about my work as creative blogger and design one new spring product by showing you every steps of the design process, from the inspiration & materials sourcing til the outfit post. Most of the time you only see the DIY or/ and the result on the blog, the whole takes more time than that. I can’t wait to see the result!

Some snap shots of this week at the editorial office, the decor and the “library” are stunning, everything is so inspiring!


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I need a Fashionary!

Fashionary-SketchBook/ Virginie Peny

There are only 2 things i can’t go out with: a lipstick and a sketch book. I love sketching, everywhere and anytime, i think i’ve tried everything: spiral bound, heavy weight or light paper qualities, lined or white background… Every single detail has its importance in drawing quick sketches.

So imagine a sketch book with a mix of “Fashion, Dictionary and Diary”, composed of a lot of fashion information and blended templates… Fashionary did it!

Available in 2 sizes, A4 & A5, for both Men and Women!

Find all Sketch books on the Fashionary Online Shop & follow them on Facebook

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