Neon & Pastel

I’ve been in Paris 3 days that week, getting some (fresh) french air did me as much good as browsing the Haussmann avenue…

Carven, Les Petites, Bash, Manoush, American Retro, Iro & co, so many brands that i love! -remember that top from last year? (I changed the color of the ribbon months ago, it was black the fist time you saw it).

Maje did a color combo like that one, with pink and nude for Fall Winter…

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Black Pink-

What should we do while waiting for spring:

1. Stop groaning, be cheerful. It does really help!

Buy less, choose well: a neon colored lipstick should serve its purpose.

Black Pink/ Couture & DIY Virginie Peny
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Elle Aime… and you?

This week was stunning. No grumbling about to-do lists, I’ve just taken time for things I would never have time to do otherwise.

For example?

i’ve realized new brass jewels… The result surprised me. And of course, I love it! -buy it online on my new shop

Elle Aime, and you/ DIY Fashion Blog
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Christmas is coming…

I wish I would have more time to show you the new online products, available in the Shop and at Dawanda… unfortunately time is missing today!

All is not lost what that is delayed, here are some DIY projects which you can find in the Shop. Soon to be followed!

Clutch/ DIY Fashion Blog

The Arizona Clutch*, from the cushion
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Fall/Winter Jewels

New, new, new!

F/W Jewels Virginie Peny
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A Very Cheap Monday

Decoration. How to design a space for jewels if you don’t have much space and if you specially enjoyed- like me!- the wall made by Marie Laure on Le Monde est à

Cheap M
Baroque frame, Ikea.

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