Design from Brazil/ Paula Raia

When football awakes fashion awareness… I noticed that we’re regularly used to hear about Fashion Weeks in Paris, Milano or NY -but what about Sao Paulo? Is there nothing fascinating out of there? The recently achieved World Cup in Brazil provided me some curiosity to get know some of these brazilian designers as well their upcoming collections.

Paula Raia is a kind of unexpected revelation. Her work is very far away from the torid, multicolored and noisy fashion design from Brazil I had in mind. The next Spring Summer collection is an ode to handcraft, culture and art. I really enjoyed it, and here are my favorites.


View the full Paula Raia’s Spring Summer 2015 collection here on Now Fashion.

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Milk & The Good Life

… Are currently my favorite readings. I bought these editions some days ago while traveling to France; the first is quite creative, it deals with design, decoration and art. And some textile. The second is actually a men magazine, but has launched a women version in June and is covering all life’s fields. Truly informative  -thought the ‘girly’ cover, the content is rich and inspiring. I’m already enjoying my way back to Zürich tomorrow.




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At Clomes Home

It seems it all started with a love story, but it truly goes beyond this. Julia and Dominic are not only a couple, they also share a passion for unique, handcrafted items from all over the world. With their online shop ‘‘ they’re building a real community fascinated with design and quality, and spreading a huge interest in Switzerland for those personal products that you surely won’t find everywhere.

I’ve been recently invited in Bern to meet them at home where I felt in love in their minimalistic world. The perfect place to chill, delighfully infectious…

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Finsk via Blogger’s Wardrobe

It’s been love at first sight with these wedges by Finsk; i completely love both material, design and the color/ metallic effect. This piece of art is available at Blogger’s Wardrobe, where “everything is free”… remember, i already told you about it here.

So how would i wear this stunning pair of shoes if i could?


Picture via Modedamour

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Design/ Pink Tex Mex

My new addiction: pink, in every shades and forms. And jewels. The last one is quite recent, but i can’t help searching new styles and ideas at the moment.

This time i did a new necklace from my mom’s jewel that comes from Mexico. These are real stones, i don’t really know how it’s called but i find them just beautiful. So i’ve add a hint of turquoise blue and charms on a silver chain with a ring, maybe this brings me luck ;! i’m working on an exciting project.. but i will tell you more about it tomorrow!


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I need a Fashionary!

Fashionary-SketchBook/ Virginie Peny

There are only 2 things i can’t go out with: a lipstick and a sketch book. I love sketching, everywhere and anytime, i think i’ve tried everything: spiral bound, heavy weight or light paper qualities, lined or white background… Every single detail has its importance in drawing quick sketches.

So imagine a sketch book with a mix of “Fashion, Dictionary and Diary”, composed of a lot of fashion information and blended templates… Fashionary did it!

Available in 2 sizes, A4 & A5, for both Men and Women!

Find all Sketch books on the Fashionary Online Shop & follow them on Facebook

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