New In: The Satin Turban

Best things in life are actually never planned, don’t you find? This is what I thought about those three items. I bought this amazing black turban at the flea market, I’ve been searching that kind of stuffs for a while – and of course I couldn’t find it. It seems to be a bit old, the women told me that it was handmade by a swiss designer (the tab was still hanging on it, the material looks like brand new!).


So this winter for dark days I won’t only wear knitted beanies but this satin turban as well. I’m feeling quite out of the daily life wearing this, providing a kind of exotic style. The beetle earrings are also coming from the flea market (summer 2013) and I love them as much I’d never have expected finding them…

And the bracelet is 15 years old, I was convinced that I’d have lost it. My surname is engraved on it, it’s really an emotional piece for me. 90’s forever!


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Design/ Ethno Earrings

Time for a small break this afternoon.! Well, there’s something i didn’t show you from my thrifting tour this weekend! Yesterday was a raining day so i worked a bit on it.

At first sight these vintage earrings had obviously everything i like: the golden metal, the ethno style… However something was going wrong with them. Can’t explain why. They might have looked too heavy with these long (unfinished) hooden beads.


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Somewhere on the Earth

The sun shines, finally! – it´s not really the scorcher but for sure spring is coming. Some people told me that snow could come once more, but I don’t believe a word of it!

My alternative while waiting for the real spring -and thus, to avoid sickness; knitwear and sandals with socks.

Clutch/ Belt-Couture & DIY Virginie Peny
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