Checks Please!

Harmonic figures like simple equations: L + S (Large on the top + Small fit stockings) // S + L (Small fit on the top + Large stockings). Easy, right? This is only when you get this step right that you can think about the styles. And mix them together, like for example ‘classic + casual’.

To experience this theory, I matched the classic trapeze jacket with basic items: grey tee-shirt and straight fit jeans. Keep accessories elegant, and here you go.

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DIY/ Turning a Top into a Jacket

Even if I’m eager to discover the new spring-summer collections, winter sales are for me a kind of playground. This is the way I grab new stuffs, now bargains for the next DIYs.

As I saw this checked item at Zara store, only in large sizes available, I thought that a jacket would be much more appropriate than a top since the material is quite thick.

How to turn a top into a jacket? This is today’s DIY project for annabelle blog.


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September’s Wishlist

Hello September! Here a short preview of following weeks…


Fall colors variations; purple silk top, Ungaro vintage/ Antracite jersey fabric/ Boots from Jonak, at Sarenza

DIY fringed top from last yearnewly cropped!
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It’s Still Winter

As promised here is the “mexican” jacket, it’s too late to give it another surname yet!

It has snowed once more yesterday, it´s quite cold here and I have to say that the fabric is surprising warm and cosy for the season- I’m really happy with the result. What do you think?

I love it with or without belt, the shape and the length fit to any outfit -and to any style, actually. I’ve chosen the sport option today but Betty’s version was pretty good too ;) You might try it with a flare jean, it should look stunning.

The Mexican Jacket/ Couture & DIY Virginie Peny

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