Outfit/ DIY Clutch & Denim

My new recycled-jersey-knitted-clutch is been finished, remember here! That was definitely a great concept to experience: it’s made of 5 tees and one shirt, one zip, a lining material and a soft plastic board to reinforce the clutch… About the knit: I think it’s  more interesting to create an irregular knit that brings a kind of ethno effect. I added a taffetas material on the border on the front to bring a touch of chic.

The clutch is really lazy, it can looks both quite chic or casual according to the main material you’re wearing with but one have to find a balance between casual and chic. For today’s outfit I associated a silk scarf to denim to add lightness…


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The Xmas Couture Tree

Time to create your Christmas tree, isn’t it?

Last time I explained you Dawanda’s challenge: creating a recycled Christmas decoration. I immediately thought about a tree, for me it’s the most significant Christmas decoration. No Christmas without it.
Ok, but how do I create A THREE? I don’t have so much space, so I’ve had to find something light, very light. Which I could easily move away and quick assemble. Not to forget, from recycled material! Hmm, quite difficult.
Actually I’ve got a lot of dry cleaner’s coat hangers, I don’t throw it since it’s really practical. The shape is interesting as well… so, I guessed it should be possible to use it.

The theme? Couture!

Xmas Tree/ DIY Fashion Blog
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