Berlin Fashion Week, Day 2

There are no words to describe a fashion week atmosphere, i love it to see people waiting for shows and staring the runway, eagerly waiting for the beginning. Because attending a show is a lot of waiting time! So imagine another way to see the runway, talking with other bloggers and drinking a coffee in the mid-time… Schumacher did it, that was on Thursday and a great experience.

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Berlin Review

Sorry for the delay, the website has been updated but it seems that the work is not finished yet… Just hope that it will be ok soon!

Only 5 days in Berlin- but pretty many pics! And one more time the week has been too short; here are a few pics to summarize the week..

Berlin Fashion Week : Schumacher. A lot of neutral beige tones mixed with bright colors, the show was just beautiful.

Schumacher/ Berlin Fashion Week

Hien Le’s show : a structured collection based on beige tones combined to yellow, blue, red or oranges tones. I think it’s a real talent to connect brilliant colors and shapes to the fact that it’s wearable.

Hien Le/ Berlin Fashion Week-Virginie Peny

A blogger afternoon at Badeschiff: drinks, DIY and fashion, the right place to meet new people

Blogger Meeting am Badeschiff

The last bag collection from Paula Immich: love is in the (h)air… i’ll talk about it later!

Paula-Immich/ Berlin

And!. I’ve got a new -short- cut! I know, it makes a huge contrast but i love it. I’m feeling really excited to try new looks, and i’m already wondering if it will change something on my personal style. That’s what i’ll experience ..

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