At my Home: Reuse a broken Chair

Welcome at my new apartment! Decorating is definitely one of my favorite occupations also nearby my job -I’m already decorating at Monadico Concept Store every week and this, since almost a year already… Time flies when you’re having fun, it’s a fact! So I had a list of ideas for decorating and upcycling things at my own home place and I’m just finished with arranging the reading corner. It’s a kind of boudoir near of my dressing, composed of a small vintage glass table and a velvet chair.

Or should I say, a ‘half’ velvet chair? Yep, the leg was broken. And I had some books to place somewhere…

Bookshelf_Chair__HomeD_01 Bag, The Kooples FW13


So this is how I solved the problem with this element! The chair is also coming from the Concept Store but the leg get lost on its way from Parma. Let me tell you, it’s really comfortable. Of course you should avoid to move the chair before and while sitting but for me it’s perfect.


Then I realized that some architectural shoes would be better in the home decor. I used a golden spray to create the metallic effect, they’re quite amazing.

Zign_DIY_Shoes_HomeDecor05DIY Platform shoes by Zign -see here

Never without my magazines! This is just a small part of the collection.


On the glass tables: a golden skull candle, ‘Ambre’ ambiance fragrance by Coté Bastide, placed on a very old annabelle magazine -from 1942! The illustrations are wonderful.


Most of the elements are coming from the flea market and different stores in Zurich, but I keep thinking that the best part of home decoration is unexpected. Don’t hesitate to move things from their origin, and try, try, try again!
I hope you liked it, take care!

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New In: The Satin Turban

Best things in life are actually never planned, don’t you find? This is what I thought about those three items. I bought this amazing black turban at the flea market, I’ve been searching that kind of stuffs for a while – and of course I couldn’t find it. It seems to be a bit old, the women told me that it was handmade by a swiss designer (the tab was still hanging on it, the material looks like brand new!).


So this winter for dark days I won’t only wear knitted beanies but this satin turban as well. I’m feeling quite out of the daily life wearing this, providing a kind of exotic style. The beetle earrings are also coming from the flea market (summer 2013) and I love them as much I’d never have expected finding them…

And the bracelet is 15 years old, I was convinced that I’d have lost it. My surname is engraved on it, it’s really an emotional piece for me. 90’s forever!


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Upcycling/ Vintage Belt

I simply love the idea that, sometimes, best accessories have been found by chance. That’s what happened with this outfit. I was late on that morning, kept on desperately searching the right belt to match with – until I stumbled upon one of my last vintage found. Amazing arty patterned dress including belt.

Mixing romantic items to sporty elements is my new thing; Who said blue and green don’t match?


Still didn’t find out how the dress is about to turn into, anyways the print is for me really fascinating. I would love to wear an oversized pleated top from it.

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Outfit/ Rodier Sport

There is nothing I like more than browsing second-hand shops when I’m back in France. That’s what I did last week, it was a nice trip (under the rain, of course) and here is what I grab, lost among a huge amount of unconvincing clothes : Rodier silk shirt with geometric patterns. Hurray!

Feeling honored to wear it for the first sunny shoot of the year…


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Outfit/ Evening Dress & Checks

Matching this jacket with another ‘stand out’ piece has been a real challenge, I am finally a fan of this material mix. The dress is actually an evening dress, so I was looking for a way to make it look more casual. Add a beanie and Converse sneakers… and this is a comfortable outfit to spend time in the old city, even under the rain!


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Outfit/ Duffle Coat & Wedges

This is sometimes funny, how things change over the years. I remember, I got this coat from my Mum when I was about 16 years old, and believe me I was everything but happy when I discovered it… at this time I’d never have believed that I would wear this piece so frequently much later!

It’s just my basic coat for winter and it looks great with almost everything. Even with my new “lady Gaga” wedges and maxi maxi scarf!


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